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Unfortunately, in Arizona, Domestic violence charges are extremely common. Police officers respond to thousands of calls regarding potential domestic violence offenses in an Arizonan home. Throughout the investigation, they often choose to arrest one person to remove them from the home and potentially dangerous situation. Police officers sometimes mistakenly arrest the wrong person or make an arrest where no crime occurred or was misreported. Officers evaluate testimony and evidence too quickly and impatiently decide upon an arrest even though not all witnesses or evidence is adequately presented. The charges then go to the Prosecutor assigned to the area and they decide whether to charge an individual with crimes, which they usually choose to do.

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If charged with an Arizona Domestic Violence Charge, it is important to hire an experienced defense attorney. Arizona’s domestic violence convictions can affect a person’s life indefinitely. domestic violence convictions are accessible to future employers, corporations, and businesses. If you are a gun owner or would like the opportunity to own a gun, a domestic violence charge may restrict your ability to do so. Additionally, some spouses falsely accuse their significant other to further their ongoing divorce or child custody case. If you have been charged with an Arizona domestic violence offense, you need to hire an Arizona criminal defense attorney with knowledge of Arizona’s domestic violence laws, as well as the courts that prosecute domestic violence cases.

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Dove Law is an excellent choice for anyone seeking legal guidance with a domestic abuse situation. Our attorneys have defended hundreds of clients in domestic abuse situations, and will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover your injuries, mental health, and other expenses. While these types of situations present a unique challenge, Dove Law is a top-rated law office with highly experienced criminal lawyers and personal injury attorneys. Call us today at (480) 213-4489 to speak with us about your case!

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Domestic Violence attorneys at Dove Law Firm offer flat fees and payment plans to those in need of competent counsel. A flat rate enables most people charged with domestic violence to hire a private lawyer. There are no surprises or hidden costs with our Domestic Violence Firm. You will be personally communicating with a Domestic Violence attorney, not a paralegal or secretary. Attorney Dove handles all aspects of the case and it will give you comfort knowing that your case is handled by knowledgeable professionals.

Common Questions & Answers About Arizona’s Domestic Violence Laws

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What are domestic violence charges in Arizona?

What are domestic violence charges in Arizona?

The crimes associated with Domestic violence are disorderly conduct and assault. The term Domestic Violence is attached when the allegation is that the victim has a domestic relationship with the individual charged with the crime. Domestic relationships recognized by Arizona law are the following: roommates, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, ex-spouses, and in-laws as well as others. Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Laws in Arizona:

Why is domestic violence part of the charge?

Why is domestic violence part of the charge?

Under ARS §13-1601, domestic violence allegations expose a person charged to increased punishments. If a Defendant is convicted of a domestic violence offense, they must complete 26 domestic violence classes and can no longer possess or own firearms. Because of the drastic consequences, you should immediately contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer such as Dove Law Firm, Arizona’s Domestic Violence Attorneys.

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Why hire Dove Law Firm to defend your case? Our attorneys will attend court hearings on your behalf, so you will not have to take time away from work or family. We will speak with the prosecutor and judge in your case and relay all communications and discovery, such as police reports and witness statements.

We will file necessary motions and raise all available defenses in the Domestic Violence case. We will interview officers and witnesses involved in the case and discuss all potential options with you in person or over the phone. If necessary, we will aggressively defend you in a trial. Call Dove Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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Dove Law Firm offers Free Domestic Violence Consultations to those charged in an Arizona Court. Call us now and you will be put in direct contact with Mr. Dove to discuss your case and have your questions answered.

What does the State or Prosecutor Have to Prove in a Domestic Violence Case?

The domestic relationship becomes complicated in situations where the Victim and Defendant are only dating and not married. In those cases, it can be a mystery as to whether the Defendant and “Victim” formed a romantic or sexual relationship. This can be a case of “he said, she said” or there can be evidence to support either theory such as emails or text messages. A defense may be created to deny the type of relationship that the Prosecutor is alleging. The prosecutor for a Domestic Violence Charge in Arizona MUST prove:

What are domestic violence charges in Arizona?

(1) Defendant has a “domestic relationship” with the victim under Arizona law. The following relationships qualify for a domestic violence allegation:

  • Victim and Defendant are married or divorced
  • Victim and Defendant presently (or previously) reside in the same household
  • Victim and Defendant have a child (or unborn child) in common
  • Victim and Defendant are related (by blood, marriage, law, or court order)
  • Victim and Defendant have (or had) a romantic or sexual relationship

(2) The defendant committed one of the specific crimes listed below:

  • Endangerment; ARS 13-1201
  • Threatening or Intimidating; ARS 13-1202
  • Assault; ARS 13-1203
  • Custodial Interference; ARS 13-1302
  • Unlawful Imprisonment; ARS 13-1303
  • Criminal trespass in the third degree; ARS 13-1502
  • Criminal trespass in the second degree; ARS 13-1503
  • Criminal trespass in the first degree; ARS 13-1504
  • Criminal Damage; ARS 13-602
  • Interfering with judicial proceedings; ARS 13-2810
  • Disorderly Conduct; ARS 13-2904
  • Cruelty to animals; ARS 13-2910
  • Preventing use of a telephone in an emergency; 13-2915
  • Use of electronic communication to terrify, intimidate, threaten or harass; ARS 13-2916
  • Harassment; ARS 13-2921

What are the Penalties for an Arizona Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge?

Misdemeanor domestic violence penalties depend on the classification of the charged misdemeanor. A misdemeanor domestic violence charge will be either a class 1, 2, or 3 and all of them carry a different range of consequences.

Maximum Jail For Misdemeanors
Maximum Jail For Misdemeanors

Under the Arizona Revised Statutes: A.R.S. § 13-707:

Class 1 Misdemeanor:
180 days in jail

Class 2 Misdemeanor:
120 days in jail

Class 3 Misdemeanor:
30 days in jail

Maximum Misdemeanor Fines
Maximum Misdemeanor Fines

Under the Arizona Revised Statutes: A.R.S. § 13-802:

Class 1 Misdemeanor:
$2500, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs

Class 2 Misdemeanor:
$750, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs

Class 3 Misdemeanor:
$500, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs

Maximum Misdemeanor Probation
Maximum Misdemeanor Probation

Under the Arizona Revised Statutes: A.R.S. § 13-902:

Class 1 Misdemeanor:
3 years probation

Class 2 Misdemeanor:
2 years probation

Class 3 Misdemeanor:
1-year probation

Consequences of an Arizona Domestic Violence Conviction

Any individual that is convicted of a domestic violence charge in Arizona must complete the State mandated domestic violence counseling program. The Defendant must complete between 26 – 52 sessions of counseling at an Arizona Court approved program. The court fines are also higher when Domestic Violence is attached to the charge.

Other potential consequences include, but are not limited by:

Permanent Criminal RecordPermanent Criminal Record without the opportunity of expungement

Effects on Child Custody and Divorce ProceedingsEffects on Child Custody and Divorce Proceedings

Gun Rights Prohibition
Gun Rights Prohibition

Driver’s License Suspension
Employment Opportunities

Immigration Rights
Immigration Rights

Possible Defenses in Domestic Violence Cases

There are various Defenses available to a Defendant charged in Arizona with Domestic Violence. A powerful Defense used in the trial is Self Defense. Self Defense is raised where a Defendant can show that reasonable force was used to reasonably protect themselves. Constitutional violations can also occur during an arrest such as Miranda rights not being read and search issues. Another common “defense” is the recanting of a victim.  When a victim recants their story of events, the Defendant may use that to their advantage to negotiate a better offer from the State.

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Every experience at Dove Law begins with a 100% free case consultation. Ultimately, you will pay nothing unless we win your case, and we will not even ask for any money down. At Dove Law, the goal is to provide excellent legal guidance and clear communication throughout the entire defense process, so that you can know without a doubt that your case is in capable hands. Our attorneys are here to help, so call us today!

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Compare Pricing for Arizona Domestic Violence Law Firms

Our fees at Dove Law are always affordable, clear, and straightforward. You receive a free initial consult, no hidden fees, and nothing due unless we win.

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Average Cost to Hire An AZ Domestic Assault Defense Firm

The goal at Dove Law is to provide excellent legal services without overcharging our clients. Our fees are reasonable, and we offer a variety of payment plans.

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With five stars on Google, Yelp, and AVVO, Dove Law Firm is full of dedicated attorneys ready to help you through this time in your life.

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Criminal Defense Legal Help for your Domestic Abuse Case

Contact Dove Law Firm today for the best case representation in Arizona. Domestic abuse cases are challenging for all parties, but our attorneys are equipped to handle them.

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AZ Domestic Abuse Charge Criminal Defense Attorney Nearby

When you are ready to press charges or need defense from a domestic abuse charge, the attorneys at Dove Law are knowledgeable, welcoming, and ready to help.

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Highly-Experienced AZ Domestic Assault Defense Law Firm

With many years of experience in domestic abuse cases, assault, and other situations, Dove Law Firm carries an excellent success rate in defending clients.

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