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Having grown up in Mesa, accident attorney Shawn Dove is very familiar with the area and the motorcycle community. Our Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys have strived to aide motorcycle accident victims after a wreck. You will speak with an attorney with experience, not a paralegal or inexperienced associate. For the benefit of our clients, if you are seriously injured, one of our attorneys can visit you in your hospital room or home so that you can focus on your recovery.

Mesa Car Accident Lawyer Shawn Dove

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Motorcycle accidents usually cause severe, life-threatening injuries. We ask our clients to explain the emotional and physical pain along with the financial loss that they have experienced due to the negligence of another driver. Our experienced motorcycle wreck attorneys in Mesa will fight the insurance companies so that you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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Affordable Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Mesa

After A Mesa Motorcycle Accident, You’ll Experience Many Difficulties

Most motorcycle wrecks not only result in physical pain, but often take a toll mentally and financially to the rider and their family. Motorcycle owners often wonder how they will pay to fix or replace their bike, pay off their hospital bills and recover lost wages.

Shawn Haven Dove, Arizona’s motorcycle attorney can give counsel so that you avoid the insurance company pitfalls and secure the maximum payout. Our goal is that once you physically heal, you are ready to get back on the road with payment in hand.


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Why To Hire a Mesa Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle lawyers at Dove Law Firm promise to do the following:

Immediately Start Working Your Case
Immediately Start Working Your Case

This means that your injury attorney will initiate all communications with the adverse insurance companies within 48 hours of receiving back signed paperwork from the client. Deal directly with the insurance companies involved, so that you don’t have to.

No Obligation Consultation Mesa Accident Lawyer
Launch An Accident Investigation

The experienced motorcycle crash personal injury attorneys in Mesa at Dove Law Firm, PLLC, Initiate an investigation by speaking to witnesses and obtaining the accident report. We will go over the report with you if you have any questions and email you a copy.

Mesa motorcycle accident injury medical referrals
Provide Medical Provider Recommendations

Our motorcycle accident personal injury law office is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona; however, we have an in-depth knowledge about treatment facilities in each city of Arizona and can assist in finding the right location and medical recommendations for you.

Mesa AZ motorcycle accident Aid With Medical Providers & Billing
Aid With Medical Providers & Billing

Our top rated Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys research your case, prepare and send a demand letter that aggressively states your position and what our personal injury law firm thinks you should receive as a fair settlement amount from the insurance companies.

Prepare Settlement Demand Letter from your motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Mesa AZ
Prepare Settlement Demand Letter

Our top rated Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys research your case, prepare and send a demand letter that aggressively states your position and what our personal injury law firm thinks you should receive as a fair settlement amount from the insurance companies.

Top Quality Mesa Motorcycle Accident Attorney Communication
Top Quality Attorney Communication

Communicate constantly and quickly with our clients; our client management software enables the client to see all progress being made in their case and send messages directly to the attorney. The client can also download and upload documents relevant to their case.

Best Mesa Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Professional Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Nearby Mesa

We offer a completely free consultation regarding your motorcycle accident. We will answer any questions that you might have. We can meet you at my office, speak to you over the phone, or, if you are severely injured, visit you at your home or hospital room. Give us a call at (480) 213-4489 to schedule a free consultation. NO money down. We only get paid if we win a judgment or settle your case. Whether you need help from our Mesa dog bite lawyers or AZ personal injury attorneys, Dove Law Firm is here to help you.

Shawn is an amazing lawyer. He has such a wide range in which he can help a client. He is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Shawn makes you feel like a friend more than a client. I would highly recommend Shawn for anything legal you might need representation for. You will thank me!

★★★★★ Brandon, Mesa

I used Shawn for my personal injury case after I was rear ended by a drunk driver. He fought hard on my behalf and obtained the highest possible settlement I could have received!

★★★★★ Sarah, Gilbert

I recently went through a divorce and Shawn was very helpful through this complicated and stressful period in my life. He was very knowledgeable and was always willing to listen and answer my questions in a very timely and professional manner. I really felt like he was on my side and wanted the best for my situation. I highly recommend Shawn Dove to anyone seeking quality legal help, Shawn was great to work with.

★★★★★ Byron, Mesa

Common Mesa Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle injuries can often be severe due the lack of protection a motorcycle rider wears. In Arizona, a helmet is not required which can exacerbate the seriousness of those injuries. The following are some common injuries that our clients have suffered:

Mesa Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for Concussion Injury


Concussions have become increasingly more studied regarding the short-term and long-term effects that are caused by a blow to a human’s brain when involved in an accident. Dove Law Firm communicates with doctors that experts on concussions and use cutting-edge technology to assess their patient. These experts will give weight to your injury claim and can higher the value of your claim.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

More severe than concussions, traumatic brain injuries can be permanent and have extreme ramifications. Life-long care and support may be necessary for a motorcycle victim that has suffered TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury From Motorcycle Accident
Spinal Cord Injury from a Mesa Motorcycle Accident

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries occur often in motorcycle wrecks because the spine is often exposed. There are a great number of types of spinal injuries and can range from a relatively minor slip of a disc to full body paralysis. It is very important to have an attorney that can work with a medical professional to fully understand your injuries. The attorney can then translate that knowledge into more compensation for you.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can be easily understood by the insurance companies and the potential jury. Most people know what it is like to break a bone and can compensate our client accordingly.

Motorcycle accident in Mesa broken bone injury
Road Rash Injuries from Mesa Motorcycle Wreck

Road Rash Injuries

Almost every crash involves some type of road rash injuries. Although, usually minor, severe road rash can result in a skin grafting surgery. For ways to treat road rash, visit


Burns can be mild or severe which can require skin grafts. Due to the heat of the engine at the time of a motorcycle accident, any body part that comes into contact with a heated engine piece will suffer a burn.

Burns from a motorcycle accident in Mesa
Loss of Limb Injury Help From Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Loss of Limb Injuries

Obviously, a loss of a limb is an extremely difficult event for someone to deal with. Often, the common person and juror can usually a reasonable settlement amount because it is easy for them to imagine how difficult it would be living life without a limb.


De-gloving is an avulsion that strips the top skin layer(s) from the underlying tissue.

Mesa Motorcycle Wreck De-Gloving Injury
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Free Motorcycle Accident Case Consultation

Mesa Arizona’s Experienced Motorcycle Wreck Attorney

Dove Law Firm offers affordable, quality Mesa motorcycle accident case consultations for when you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck. With help from our Arizona car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers in AZ, we can help you get the compensation you deserve with representation from our Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Local Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Near Mesa

Arizona’s Trusted Motorcycle Injury Attorney & Accident Lawyer

Getting into a motorcycle accident can cause catastrophic injuries that may leave you under emotional, physical, and financial strain. Our motorcycle accident attorneys near Mesa can provide high quality and aggressive representation to help get you the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers in AZ are also qualified Arizona dog bite lawyers, commercial and civil litigation attorneys in Arizona, and top rated Arizona criminal defense lawyers. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Average Cost To File A Mesa Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit
Average Cost To File A Mesa Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is no cheap matter, but with help from our Mesa motorcycle injury lawyers and Mesa car accident attorneys, you can get the financial restitution you’re entitled to.

Legal Help To File A Mesa AZ Motorcycle Injury Claim
Legal Help To File A Mesa AZ Motorcycle Injury Claim

When you need help to file a Mesa AZ injury claim for your motorcycle accident, contact our personal injury lawyers who are also top-rated Arizona DUI defense attorneys!

#1 Mesa Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Office Near Me
#1 Mesa Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Office Near Me

A a trusted #1 Mesa motorcycle accident injury law office, our team of Mesa car accident lawyers is equipped to handle your accident injury claim as well as your Chandler DUI defense needs in Arizona!

Five Star Motorcycle Injury Claim Services In Mesa AZ
Five Star Motorcycle Injury Claim Services In Mesa AZ

Dove Law Firm is a five star rated motorcycle injury claim lawyer that has experience handling a variety of personal injury and Mesa restraining order lawyers in Arizona.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Lawyer Nearby Mesa AZ
Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Lawyer Nearby Mesa AZ

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident near Mesa? Get help filing a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit with help from our qualified, injury lawyers at Dove Law Firm.

Top Motorcycle Wreck Attorney Located In Mesa Arizona
Top Motorcycle Wreck Attorney Located In Mesa Arizona

Dove Law Firm is a top motorcycle wreck lawyer near Mesa, Arizona that has years of experience handling motorcycle accident injury cases for clients in need.

Treatment After A Car Accident

Local Mesa Accident Lawyers For Your Injury Claim

After you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to get the right medical attention to take care of your injuries, followed immediately by motorcycle accident lawyers who will defend your rights. At Dove Law Firm, we handle a wide range of matters and have a team of qualified motorcycle accident injury lawyers, Mesa DUI defense attorneys, and restraining order lawyers in Arizona. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

Local Mesa Accident Lawyers For Your Injury Claim

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