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Have you been involved in a Motorcycle Accident and suffered injuries? Call Dove Law Firm, before you speak with the insurance companies. We help motorcycle accident victims across Arizona. An attorney, not a paralegal, will speak with you immediately to answer all your questions and guide you. Our attorneys can visit you at your home or in the hospital, if you have severe injuries.

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Top Rated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Arizona

Qualified Personal Injury Attorney Specializing In Motorcycle Accidents

Our local Arizona personal injury attorneys at Dove Law Firm are committed to providing the best representation for your case, to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. No matter who is at fault in the motorcycle accident, our legal team at Dove Law Firm is here to make sure you get the most you can from the situation while recovering from your injuries. Contact our law office today at (480) 213-4489 to speak with an attorney.

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What Differentiates Personal Injury Lawyer Shawn Dove

What To Expect From Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Why You Should Hire Us Immediately: Dove Law Firm Will

  • Start immediately on your case
  • Speak to the insurance companies and provide them with all necessary information to maximize your case value
  • Order and obtain the accident report and send you a copy
  • Find additional medical care that accept liens
  • Contact and collect medical records and billing associated with your case
  • Negotiate medical billing amounts
  • Aggressively demand a settlement amount from the insurance companies
  • Be available to you

Courts We Serve Within Maricopa & Pinal County

As local Arizona motorcycle accident injury attorneys, Dove Law Firm proudly serves many courts throughout Maricopa and Pinal County. These include Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and Apache Junction. We have excellent connections throughout each county so that we can represent you with our best foot forward as we work toward optimal results.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Serving In Chandler Court


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Apache Junction

Highly Rated Arizona Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm

5-Star Rating Motorcycle Accident Attorney Testimonials

Our dedication to our clients and aggressive representation have earned us a five-star reputation across the board on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We have proudly received the AVVO Preeminent Rating for our consistent display of integrity and professionalism as we represent our clients in their personal injury cases. Visit our reviews page to learn more!

Shawn is an amazing lawyer. He has such a wide range in which he can help a client. He is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Shawn makes you feel like a friend more than a client. I would highly recommend Shawn for anything legal you might need representation for. You will thank me!

★★★★★ Brandon, Mesa

I used Shawn for my personal injury case after I was rear ended by a drunk driver. He fought hard on my behalf and obtained the highest possible settlement I could have received!

★★★★★ Sarah, Gilbert

I recently went through a divorce and Shawn was very helpful through this complicated and stressful period in my life. He was very knowledgeable and was always willing to listen and answer my questions in a very timely and professional manner. I really felt like he was on my side and wanted the best for my situation. I highly recommend Shawn Dove to anyone seeking quality legal help, Shawn was great to work with.

★★★★★ Byron, Mesa

Arizona Motorcycle Crash Statistics And Causes

Common Causes For A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona

In 2016, there were 3,179 motorcycle crashes in Arizona, and 142 of them were fatal and 2,417 reported injuries. Some of the most likely causes of motorcycle accidents are the following:

  • Other Drivers’ Negligence

  • Speeding

  • Driving While Intoxicated

  • Uneven Or Badly Paved Roads

  • Weather Conditions

  • Failure To See

 Arizona Motorcycle Crash Statistics And Causes

Recommendations From A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

What Should You Do If You’re In A Motorcycle Crash Accident
Recommendations From An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in a motorcycle crash, it can be overwhelming to process what needs to happen next. The first thing you should do is call law enforcement to the scene, along with emergency medical personnel to assess for injuries. As soon as possible, your next step should be to contact an Arizona motorcycle collision law firm to discuss the situation and determine how to file a claim.

  • Call Law Enforcement

  • Get Injuries Assessed

  • Contact Injury Lawyer

  • File Injury Claim

  • Receive Compensation

Dove Law Firm Can Help In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona

Our Motorcycle Crash Injury Attorney Can Help

Schedule A Free Consult With An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Motorcycle collisions will cause difficulties and extra stress on the rider involved and family members. The injured rider likely will wonder how they will pay the surmounting hospital bills, receive future medical care and be reimbursed for their time off work. Our motorcycle injury attorney, Shawn Haven Dove can help put your mind at ease with answers to these questions and professional guidance through this difficult process.

Advice From A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Arizona

Advice From A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Always wear a helmet. In Arizona, helmets are only required if the rider is 18 years or younger, but helmets prevent many deaths each year. Over half of the fatalities in motorcycle accidents, the rider was not wearing a helmet. Wear protective clothing such as a visible helmet and motorcycle jacket, pants, boots and gloves.

Riders should also note the worst times to ride their motorcycle. In Arizona, motorcycle crashes occur most often on Saturdays. The peak time is between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Always avoid riding while impaired as a large number of crashes are due to intoxication.

Common Arizona Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Frequent Motorcycle Injuries In A Traffic Accident In Arizona

Motorcycle accidents can result in significant injuries due to the lack of protection a motorcycle provides, especially if a helmet is not worn. The common injuries that occur include:

Head and Brain Injuries (TBI) In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona
Head and Brain Injuries (TBI)

Hitting your head can cause great injury to the brain, including concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. A severe TBI can have a lifelong impact.

Spinal Cord Injuries In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona
Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuring the spinal cord can cause weakness, nerve damage, and paralysis. Paralysis is a lifelong issue that can only be managed, not cured.

Road Rash Injuries In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona
Road Rash Injuries

Road rash makes your body more susceptible to infection, particularly when it is a large road rash. It is painful and can leave lifelong scarring.

Burns In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona

Motorcycle riders can burn themselves on hot engine parts from their motorcycle and the other involved vehicle, or on roads hot from the sun.

Loss of Limb Injuries In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona
Loss of Limb Injuries

Many people lose a limb or appendage during their motorcycle crash, or afterward due to uncontrolled infection from a burn or road rash.

De-gloving In A Motorcycle Accident In Arizona

De-gloving occurs when a large area of skin is ripped right off the soft tissue underneath, causing incredible pain, nerve damage, and risk of infection.

Leading Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer In Arizona

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including distracted or drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, drowsy driving, dangerous road conditions, or drivers simply not paying attention. Whatever the reason, our Arizona motorcycle crash accident attorneys are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after your harrowing experience. Give us a call to get started!

Trusted Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Near Me In Arizona
Trusted Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Near Me

Consult with an Arizona motorcycle accident attorney at Dove Law Firm right away if you have been involved in a collision.

Professional Motorbike Accident Attorney In Arizona
Professional Motorbike Accident Attorney In Arizona

Our legal team at Dove Law Firm carries years of experience representing clients in all types of injury cases and lawsuits.

Retain An Arizona Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Near Me
Retain An Arizona Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Near Me

Our top-rated Arizona motorcycle accident law firm is dedicated to providing high quality services at competitive rates, so give us a call today.

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm With Five Star Reviews
Motorcycle Accident Law Firm With Five Star Reviews

When you are the victim of injury from a collision, our experienced attorneys will help you file an Arizona motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Arizona's Recommended Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Top Motorcycle Settlement Negotiations Lawyer

With an excellent success rate and a commitment to helping our clients receive maximum compensation, Dove Law Firm is voted the #1 defense lawyer.

Compare Local Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Near You In Arizona
Compare Local Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Near You

Dove Law Firm is available 24/7 for consultation and to answer questions, so call today to learn more about our rates and services.

Experienced Law Firm Services

No matter what type of injury you have experienced, or Arizona rear end motorcycle accident injury lawyers are qualified and skilled in court representation. We can help you file an injury claim, gather evidence and facts from the scene, and pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and recovery time. Schedule your free consultation today at (480) 213-4489 or via the online form below.

Contact A Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Available 24/7

We will be happy to explain the process to you and answer any questions you might have. I can meet you at my office, speak to you over the phone, or, if you are severely injured, visit you at your home or hospital room. Give me a call at (480) 213-4489 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. Seek help from one of our qualified Mesa injury attorneys or an Arizona restraining order lawyer today.

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