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Gilbert’s DUI attorney, Shawn Dove, is an experienced Alcohol and Drugs DUI attorney. Attorney Dove has handled hundreds of DUI cases in the Gilbert City Court. Dove Law Firm is firmly dedicated to communicating to you throughout the process and providing you with the best possible outcome for you and your family. We will help alleviate the stress that a misdemeanor charge can create by giving you comfort knowing that your Gilbert DUI charge is being handled by experienced aggressive attorneys.

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Gilbert DUI lawyers at Dove Law Firm offers free consultations to those that are charged with Driving Under the Influence or DUI.  As Gilbert’s DUI attorney, Shawn Dove has the experience needed to obtain the results that you deserve.  Mr. Dove has helped hundreds of those arrested tackle their DUI charges in the Gilbert City Court.  He has a great working relationship with the Prosecutors and staff. Attorney Dove is dedicated to his clients and can effectively alleviate much of the stress and concern associated with DUI charges.

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City of Gilbert DUI Court Information

The Gilbert Municipal Court is located on S Gilbert Road and E Civic Center Drive

Gilbert Municipal Court

55 E Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Judge: Varies

How The City of Gilbert Court System Works

The Gilbert Municipal Court Criminal Justice System

After an arrest, usually an incident is sent from the Gilbert Police Department to the Gilbert Prosecutor’s Office.  A Gilbert Prosecutor will examine the file and then determine whether their office will move forward with charging the individual involved in the report.  If the Prosecutor files the charges in an indictment, the individual will be named as the Defendant and a Summons will be mailed or served upon the individual.  Within the Summons, an Initial Appearance hearing date will be found.  This hearing must be attended or a warrant for arrest could result.  After the Initial Appearance, a few Pretrial Conferences are set to allow the Defendant to examine the discovery and plea offer from the State.  The case then will move to trial if the case is not dismissed or a plea offer is not entered into by the Defendant.

Gilbert Municipal Court’s DUI Penalties

Gilbert Municipal Court’s DUI Penalties

In Gilbert City Court, there are several different outcomes in a DUI case, each that result in different fines and penalties.  The outcome depends largely on the type of charges one is facing, which is often based upon the BAC, or blood alcohol content, that the Defendant had in their system at the time of driving.  There are four types of DUI charges, along with a multitude of other criminal charges that can be filed within a criminal complaint.  This creates an endless possibility of the types of pleas available to a Defendant.

There are many negative consequences associated with a DUI arrest.  The total fines, fees and surcharges related to a DUI sentence can be quite high.  Other consequences, such as mandatory jail, ignition interlock devices and insurance increases can cause further headache. A DUI conviction or guilty plea will often arise within interviews, applications for licenses or other opportunities, forcing a conversation about the offense.  Dove Law Firm will protect your rights by providing the best legal defense in Gilbert.

How To Fight Gilbert Municipal Court DUI Charges

How To Fight Gilbert Municipal Court DUI Charges

What do you do when you want to fight Gilbert DUI charges?  Each case is unique and has its specific challenges when disputing legal charges.  Only an experienced DUI Gilbert attorney can explain the best strategies to correctly fight the case.  A knowledgeable lawyer will evaluate the evidence, specific charges filed, criminal history and police conduct to give the client the best path to a successful outcome.

All potential constitutional issues need to be thoroughly explored because each DUI case is different and may be misinterpreted by the police and prosecutor.   There are always advantages and disadvantages of going to trial or seeking a reduced deal with minimum penalties.  Dove Law Firm, Gilbert’s DUI law firm, will provide the information that you need to make the decision.

When To Fight DUI Charges In Gilbert Court

When To Fight DUI Charges In Gilbert Court

The answer is right away.  You should call and retain a Gilbert DUI attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and educate yourself on the Gilbert court process.  Dove Law Firm’s attorneys will investigate all aspects of your case and will outline and explain the potential constitutional issues and defenses. After our DUI professionals have all the facts of your Gilbert DUI case, they can explain the benefits and risks of setting the case to trial or seeking a deal with reduced charges and minimum penalties.  Call us now to set an appointment with an attorney, free of cost, to receive a complimentary review of your case.

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Real Results From Real Clients

The City of Gilbert’s DUI team is one of the most aggressive in the nation. Gilbert Police strongly enforce State laws regarding Driving Under the Influence. Arizona Revised Statute, A.R.S 12-1381 states in part: “It is unlawful for a person to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle in this state while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, any drug, a vapor releasing substance containing a toxic substance or any combination of liquor, drugs or vapor releasing substances if the person is impaired to the slightest degree.” Dove Law Firm’s Gilbert DUI lawyer will immediately assist his clients to understand the ins and outs of the Courts and Judges within Gilbert’s jurisdiction.

Shawn is an amazing lawyer. He has such a wide range in which he can help a client. He is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Shawn makes you feel like a friend more than a client. I would highly recommend Shawn for anything legal you might need representation for. You will thank me!

★★★★★ Brandon, Mesa

I used Shawn for my personal injury case after I was rear ended by a drunk driver. He fought hard on my behalf and obtained the highest possible settlement I could have received!

★★★★★ Sarah, Gilbert

I recently went through a divorce and Shawn was very helpful through this complicated and stressful period in my life. He was very knowledgeable and was always willing to listen and answer my questions in a very timely and professional manner. I really felt like he was on my side and wanted the best for my situation. I highly recommend Shawn Dove to anyone seeking quality legal help, Shawn was great to work with.

★★★★★ Byron, Mesa

Local DUI Attorneys In Gilbert

What Our Experienced Legal Team Does for You

A Dove Law Firm lawyer will listen to your recollection of events and will compare that with the report generated by the Gilbert Police Department. We will interview witnesses to calculate the best defenses for your case.  Gilbert’s DUI law firm will determine whether the Gilbert officers involved in your arrest acted appropriately and within the Gilbert’s Police Departments Rules and Procedures.  The results of this type of thorough investigation can be used for mitigating your case exposure.

A DUI charge in a Gilbert Court can result in several different outcomes.  The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or drug test result at the time of driving will limit your options.  The Prosecutor and Judge that you are randomly assigned, can impact the strategies of your defense.  These specificities are known by our firm’s DUI lawyers and are greatly beneficial to our clients.  Our invaluable experience gives our clients comfort knowing that their case is being handled by a lawyer that is familiar with Gilbert’s criminal court process and procedures.

Dove Law Firm attorneys can provide esoteric insights into Gilberts City and Justice Courts’ DUI sentencings. City and Justice courts both handle misdemeanors.  However, there are important differences as to how they handle a DUI sentencing.  One example is that Justice Courts do not allow home detention, whereas City or Municipal Courts do.  This unique difference results in a massive disparity of jail sentences and the overall fines and fees owed to that particular court.

5 Star Gilbert DUI Firm
5 Star Gilbert DUI Firm

Dove Law Firm has a five star rated DUI legal team in Gilbert to help you when you are faced with DUI charges as a result of the strict DUI laws in Arizona. We also have Mesa dog bite attorneys who can help you seek compensation. Contact us today!

Gilbert DUI Law Firm Near Me
Gilbert DUI Law Firm Near Me

Dove Law Firm office is a quick ten-minute drive from the Gilbert courts. Call us now to make an appointment for your Gilbert DUI case or your Mesa motorcycle accident injury.

Gilbert DUI Attorneys Nearby
Gilbert DUI Attorneys Nearby

Dove Law Firm is a quick 10 minute drive from the Gilbert Municipal Court.  Contact our nearby DUI attorneys in Gilbert to help fight these charges.  We can speak to you today and answer your questions.  You will speak to an attorney, not a secretary or paralegal.

Affordable Gilbert DUI Legal Help
Affordable Gilbert DUI Legal Help

Dove Law Firm provides affordable DUI representation for those facing DUI charges in Gilbert Municipal Court.  We also offer payment plans with little money down at our Arizona marijuana defense law firm.

Five Star Gilbert DUI Lawyer
Five Star Gilbert DUI Lawyer

Gilbert’s Five Star DUI lawyer, Shawn Dove will guide you down the right path to resolve your case. Consult with our Gilbert Court DUI attorneys or Mesa car accident lawyers today.

#1 DUI Law Office In Gilbert
#1 DUI Law Office In Gilbert

Look at our reviews on AVVO and Google.  Dove Law Firm’s clients believe that the DUI law office in Gilbert has represented them well. Contact us today to find out more!

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Contact Gilbert’s DUI Attorneys today for a free, non-obligatory consultation. Call 1 (877) DOVELAW or 1 (877) 368-3529. Our Gilbert Municipal DUI lawyers are here to answer all questions that you may have.

Affordable DUI Lawyer In Gilbert Municipal Court

Upfront Flat Fees & Flexible Payment Options

Dove Law Firm offers affordable legal services to those that are charged with DUI in Gilbert.  We are extremely competitive and can offer payment plans, so that everyone can afford great legal representation when charged with a crime.

What to Expect After a DUI Arrest In Gilbert City Court

What to Expect After a DUI Arrest In Gilbert City Court

If you wish to learn what to do if you are stopped by the police click the following link for further help.  First, an experienced Gilbert DUI attorney should be called to get the most updated and accurate advice.  DUI lawyer, Shawn Dove, can schedule a meeting with you or can speak to you on the phone about your case and answer questions that you may have related to your arrest and upcoming court hearings.  Gilbert’s DUI Lawyer will explain the status of your license and what actions the Motor Vehicle Division or MVD may take now and in the future.

Factors Included In Your Gilbert Municipal DUI Case

Factors Included In Your Gilbert Municipal DUI Case

Getting cited for DUI in Gilbert Courts can result in a number of different outcomes.  The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), drug test results, courtroom, prosecutor and judge that you ultimately are assigned will all give weight to the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  These factors are understood by our firm’s DUI lawyers from helping hundreds of clients through the Gilbert court process.  Our invaluable experience gives our clients comfort knowing that their case is being handled by attorneys that know exactly how the Gilbert Municipal Court operates.

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