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Gilbert auto accident lawyer Shawn Dove provides injury victims with comprehensive legal representation in auto insurance claims and lawsuits. The goal of our Gilbert personal injury office is to obtain maximum compensation while making your claim seamless: you focus on your recovery, while we handle the insurance, paperwork, investigation, and litigation.

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Gilbert Auto Accident Attorneys


With Gilbert’s population approaching 250,000, auto accidents are on the rise. Last year alone, there were nearly 3,000 reported auto accidents in Gilbert, Arizona. These accidents carry unexpected hardships and complex procedures for injury victims. Dove Law Firm is here to help. We’re a Gilbert injury law firm offering comprehensive legal representation in Arizona accident claims and law suits. Our experienced vehicle injury attorneys help clients navigate the legal process while aggressively pursuing financial compensation.

Protecting your claim’s value requires professional and experienced guidance. Our Gilbert vehicle accident lawyers have spent years on accident cases like yours. Regardless of the vehicles types involved, our Gilbert injury attorneys have the skills and knowledge to preserve your claim, investigate, and get the compensation you deserve.

No matter what they tell you, insurance adjusters aren’t on your side; your injury claim costs them time and money. After an accident, you’ll be called by insurance agents asking for a recorded statement. All too often, they twist your statement to limit the value of your claim; they dispute who caused the accident and minimize the value of your injury. Even your own insurance company can work against you. Your own insurance want to minimize resources allocated to your claim. And if the other driver has inadequate insurance, your insurance can be responsible for your damages, which makes them have an adverse interest in your case.

Understanding Damages in Gilbert, Arizona Auto Accidents

With any car, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, or bicycle accident, unexpected headaches are inevitable. An accident can bring lasting damages to your finances, health, and future. Personal injury damages, in car accident claims and lawsuits, are meant to put victims in the position they were before the accident. Financial compensation includes general damages for suffering, pain, and emotional distress, and special damages for medical bills, auto loss, and income replacement. Our Gilbert accident lawyer Shawn Dove thoroughly investigates your Gilbert accident to ensure ALL damages are documented, preserved, and aggressively sought.

Vehicle Loss

It’s common for insurance companies to declare vehicles totaled. This is done when repair costs are more expensive than the vehicle is worth. Unfortunately, vehicle insurance adjusters are slow, or even unwilling, to provide funds to get a replacement vehicle. Instead, insurance companies hold funds to investigate the car’s value and determine liability. They may even low-ball injury victims on a car’s value. When the car is repairable, adjusters can take weeks to get your car running. Our Gilbert auto accident attorneys work to expedite repairs or replacement without sacrificing your personal injury claim’s value.

Medical Liens & Bills

Vehicle collisions bring substantial medical costs. Victims are bombarded with bills for medical transport, paramedics, hospital visits, medical care, surgery, and prescriptions. In addition, recovery plans might require additional treatment from physical and occupational therapists, as well as chiropractors. The Gilbert auto accident attorneys at Dove Law Firm can negotiate your medical bills and present medical options to minimize and delay your medical costs. In addition, we detail, itemize, and demand compensation for all your medical bills, regardless of health coverage.

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Lost Income

If you’re in a car accident, you can lose present and future income. Lost income can be recovered by our Gilbert accident attorneys. Mr. Dove investigates and calculates lost incomes from injuries. We make sure all involved parties understand the full extent of present and future income lost.

Permanent Injury Care

Severe auto accident injuries may require extended or lifetime care. Our Gilbert vehicle accident lawyers are prepared to help you through these situations. From the start, we professionally calculate, and later demand, compensation for future care costs to ensure you can afford critical care moving forward.

Pain and Suffering

Beyond bills and lost income, our Gilbert, AZ injury attorneys seek compensation for your pain and suffering. These general damages compensate accident victims for mental suffering, emotional distress, depression, overall pain, permanent scarring, and diminished daily life.

Free Vehicle Accident Case Evaluations

Car, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents bring unplanned difficulties to your future, health, and finances, but fear not: Dove Law Firm is here for you and your family. Our Gilbert, AZ auto injury lawyer Shawn Dove thoroughly investigates and processes cases to seek maximum compensation for ALL injuries, losses, and suffering.

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    Our Gilbert Injury Firm Takes a Personal Approach to Your Injury

    The most common complaints against personal injury firms concerns neglect and lack of communication. This stems from lawyers handling too many cases and letting paralegals do the attorney’s work. The accident attorneys at Dove Law Firm PLLC consistently communicate and know our clients by name. And unlike the billboard or television firms, we handle a select number of Gilbert cases. Instead of going through legal assistants or reception, our clients have our direct line for excellent and responsive communication about their case.


    Zero Fee Policy

    The Gilbert auto accident lawyers at Dove Law Firm PLLC have a no fee policy: clients pay no fees unless we recover. That means we’re only paid a reasonable percentage of your total financial recovery. With zero up-front costs, you’ll have dedicated Gilbert injury attorneys from the start.


    Gilbert Car Accident Claims are Time Sensitive

    Immediately after the accident, you should assess the safety and injuries of everyone involved. As soon as practically possible, contact law enforcement. If you’re not taken by ambulance, it’s important to visit a medical office or hospital for a thorough examination. Initial medical visits establish your claim for injuries, lost-income, and general suffering. Contacting a Gilbert vehicle accident lawyer is also important. An experienced Gilbert accident attorney can offer proactive advice and employ strategies to preserve the value of your accident claim.


    Our Gilbert Accident Attorneys Are on Your Side

    Don’t speak to insurance companies about the accident until you speak with an experienced Gilbert personal injury attorney. Car accident attorney Shawn Dove is familiar with the approach of insurance adjusters and their lawyers. We protect you and make sure the integrity of your case isn’t compromised by insurance adjusters. We take an aggressive initiative by independently investigating the auto accident. Our Gilbert injury lawyers obtain evidence, determine coverage, communicate with insurance companies, and document your loss in detail. And when insurance companies approach your case in bad-faith, we file a law suit to set them straight.


    Free Gilbert Car Accident Consultations

    Gilbert auto accident lawyers at Dove Law Firm give prospective clients free case evaluations. And there’s no sales pitch—only a friendly discussion to give info on how to protect and process your Gilbert accident case. If after discussing your case on the phone, you’d like to meet with us, we’ll schedule a convenient time and location to discuss your case in further detail. If you’re experiencing difficulties with travel due to injury or vehicle loss, we can arrange hospital and home visits.

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    Contact Our Reception 24/7 for a Free Consultation

    Mr. Dove is here to help you get started on your path to recovery. Our attorney consultations are friendly and without obligation. We’ll compassionately listen and learn about your injury, explain your options, and describe the claim process.

    The Vehicle Injury Claim Process

    Here’s an explanation of the step by step process clients experience when working with our Gilbert car accident lawyers.

    Step 1

    Initial Phone Consultation

    Your accident case is time-sensitive; there are initial proactive strategies to discuss on the phone with our Gilbert auto accident attorneys. Starting the process is easy. Either contact us by completing our online form or call us to speak with a friendly receptionist. This will start your free and friendly phone call with Attorney Shawn Dove.

    Step 2

    Your First Appointment

    After an initial phone conversation, our Gilbert Auto Accident Lawyers meet with you at our Gilbert office, one of our satellite offices, or a place of your convenience. We’ll discuss your car accident and injuries in careful detail. We’ll also explain the entire claim process and answer your questions. If you decide to retain our personal injury firm, you’ll sign some paperwork, which allows us to notify parties and start the investigation. As always, we require no upfront fees and take care of all your upfront costs.

    Step 3


    If you decide to retain our Gilbert injury law firm, we contact the relevant police agencies order accident reports, and review medical records to carefully evaluate liability and damages. We contact any witnesses, discovery insurance policies, and recover medical and billing records to carefully document your claim.

    Step 4

    Dealing with Insurance Companies

    There can be many insurance carriers involved in motor vehicle accidents. Dealing with multiple adjusters and representatives can be overwhelming and confusing for those involved.

    • Other Drivers’ Insurance:  Gilbert car accident lawyer Shawn Dove, immediately advise the adverse insurance companies about your legal representation. Once notified, insurance agencies must cease communication with you. We also investigate the other drivers’ coverage limits and demand a copy of insurance policies.
    • Your Auto Insurance:  In cases where the other driver doesn’t have insurance, or insufficient insurance, we initiate a claim with your own vehicle insurance. You might carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. In addition, you might have medical payment coverage to help with medical costs.
    • Medical and Health Insurance:  Your medical insurance may be used at hospitals, medical facilities, and chiropractic offices. Our personal injury lawyers will consult you on subrogation issues; this involve money that might be owed to health insurance companies when compensated in a personal injury case.

    Step 5

    Medical Treatment

    Gilbert accident attorney Shawn Dove will help you make a list of all your medical treatments an anticipated future treatment. Our experienced auto injury lawyers can also assist in finding suitable treatment near your home or work. Our injury attorneys advise and remind clients to follow their medical treatment plan and attend all medical and treatment appointments.  Once you finish all treatment, we total your medical and billing records to create a demand packet.

    Step 6

    Calculate Damages and Demand Packets

    Once we process your medical records and billing, we calculate and evaluate all your personal injury claims. Your damages might include pain and suffering, medical costs, lost income, and expected future costs.  We use create and send a comprehensive demand packet to adverse insurance companies, and sometimes your own insurance, to seek full compensation for all your losses, suffering, and injuries.

    Step 7

    Negotiation and Settlement

    Once we send the insurance company a demand packet, the negotiation process begins.  This may involve a back and forth with insurance defense attorneys and insurance adjusters. Of course, they want to minimize your settlement, while we want to maximize any settlement.

    Step 8


    Most of our personal injury claims don’t require a lawsuit because we’re highly effective in coming to fair, compensatory settlements. But sometimes insurance companies act unreasonable and we must file suit.
    In consultation with the client, we file a lawsuit to compel insurance companies to act reasonable. During litigation, there will be exchanges of evidence, motions, and depositions. At any time, short of trial, the case may be settled between the lawyers in consultation with our client. If insurance companies and their attorneys continue to make unreasonable offers, we’re prepared to take your case to jury trial.

    Typical Injuries in Gilbert, AZ Auto Accidents

    Auto injuries require time and patience for recovery. Our Gilbert vehicle accident lawyers understand: it’s painful and time consuming to make all your medical appointments, treatments, and therapy sessions. But, sticking to the treatment plan is important for full compensation. Below we discuss common injuries a treatment plan might address:


    With rear-end collisions especially, whiplash is common. Whiplash describes back or neck strain from when the head snaps forwards and backwards; this impacts the cervical part of the neck. Symptoms of whiplash include pain and stiffness in the neck and back. Chiropractors, therapists, and braces can alleviate whiplash injuries.

    Back Injuries

    A car wreck may cause severe back damage. Back damage involves inflammation and nerve damage to your back, which can be painful and debilitating because it contains your central nervous system. Strains, sprains, fractured vertebrae, and herniated discs are common in auto accidents. Your back is central to movement and everyday activities.

    Serious Head Injuries

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is typically caused by blunt force to the head. Blunt head trauma causes concussion, hematoma, and other injuries that impair speech, vision, memory, concentration, sleep, and emotions. Increasingly, studies reveal that TBI’s are much more serious than previously understood. The consequences of TBI injuries to your health can be lasting and severe..

    Spinal Injuries

    Spine injuries happen occur when spinal cord impact causes dislocation dislocates or fracture to your vertebrae; this causes pain, mobility loss, or even paralysis. Our Gilbert Arizona collision attorneys regularly represent those suffering from spinal injuries; we help them get compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, and extensive medical costs.

    Broken Bones

    Fractures are a common occurrence in auto accidents. Accident victims most often break their ribs, radius, ulna, tibia, fibula, skull, and spine. Many broken bones heal in a few weeks, while others require surgeries, screws, and metal plates. Some accident victims suffer years of pain and discomfort from their fractured bones. Our Gilbert injury attorneys carefully document these injuries and demand just compensation for suffering.


    Burns, scratches, and lacerations in motor vehicle accidents often leave permanent damage to the skin. This might stem from broken glass, vehicle fire, or twisted metal. These injuries usually occur to the neck and facial area. Scarring may leave insecurity, diminished opportunities, and a lack of confidence in personal appearance.

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