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Have the Mesa Police Department contacted you? Are you charged with a misdemeanor or DUI in the Mesa Municipal Court? Have you been given a summons to appear in court? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you will need the following information to navigate the criminal division at Mesa Municipal Court, which is also known as the Mesa City Court.

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Mesa City Court Location

Located on Main Street and 1st Avenue the address is:

250 E 1st Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Contact Information
Operation Time

The Mesa City Court is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The court is closed on Fridays and certain holidays. If you believe that you have a court date on a holiday, call the court to make sure it is closed.



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Where To Park At Mesa Municipal Court

It is recommended that you park in the free public parking garage that is located to the North of the courthouse. The parking garage is covered, is free to the public and does not enforce a time limit.

Where To Park At Mesa Municipal Court in Arizona

How The Mesa Court System Works

The Mesa Arizona Criminal Court System
What To Do When You Arrive At Mesa Municipal Court

What To Do When You Arrive At Mesa Court

Once parked as explained above, enter through the front doors of the Courthouse. Go through security and in front of you will be a screen with names, times and assigned courtrooms. The list is alphabetical by last name. If you do not see your name or have a question, the information desk is located to your right. The person behind the glass can help you. Courtrooms that range in the 300’s are located on the third floor and the courtrooms in the 200’s are located on the second floor.

Steps To Take Once In The Mesa Municipal Courtroom

Steps To Take Once In The Mesa Courtroom

When you arrive to the appropriate courtroom, go through both sets of doors and sign in on the clipboard. The cases will be called by the order of the list, so this is extremely important. You do not want to wait hours to then realize that you needed to sign in. If you have hired a private attorney, wait for them in the courtroom. If you have not hired an attorney, then wait for the Judge or clerk to call your name. Then step through the swinging doors to speak to the Judge.

Dress Code at Mesa Municipal Court

Dress Code at Mesa Municipal Court

Use common sense when dressing for court. Although suits and ties are not required, dress appropriately to show respect to the court system, prosecutor and judge. You never know what a good impression can do for your case. It is recommended that “Business Casual” is worn such as a dress shirt, polo shirt, slacks or nice jeans. Some judges have banned cell phones in the courtroom, but most allow them to be brought in if they are turned to silent. It is recommended to simply turn your cell phone off, while in the courtroom. If you must have it on, make sure the ringer is turned off.

Police Stations in Mesa Arizona

Below is a list of the police stations in Mesa where you might be taken after an arrest. While in police custody, take the time to call Dove Law Firm so that we can immediately take action to protect your rights and defenses.

Fiesta Police Division

1010 W Grove Ave
Mesa AZ 85211-1466

Central Police Station

120 N Robson
Mesa AZ 85211-1466

Superstition Police Division

2430 S Ellsworth Rd
Mesa AZ 85211-1466

Red Mountain Division

4333 E University Dr
Mesa AZ 85211-1466

What Happens At The First Municipal Court Hearing?

What Happens At The First Hearing?

Based on the paperwork that you have been given or served by an officer of the court, you will need to appear to your IA, unless you have hired an attorney. If you do not show, a warrant or other negative consequences can be ordered by the presiding judge. During the Initial Appearance, a judge will advise the defendants of their charges and will address release conditions.

How AZ Defense Lawyers Help Your Initial Appearance (IA)

How Lawyers Help Your Initial Appearance (IA)

If you hire a Dove Law Firm DUI attorney, we can file motions for you to be released on your own recognizance, vacate the initial appearance, enter a not guilty plea and set for a pretrial hearing. Once this motion is granted by the court, you will no longer need to show to the court date listed on your summons. Our attorneys will also attend subsequent hearings enabling you to avoid missing work. We will gather all the evidence and discovery and negotiate or inform the Prosecutor in your case.

Pretrial Hearings In The Mesa Municipal Court Room

Pretrial Hearings In The Mesa Municipal Court

After the initial appearance, the following court date is named pretrial conference or pretrial hearing. The pretrial conference is where you or your attorney will gather evidence and discovery from the prosecutor and initiate negotiations, which include plea negotiations and defenses. Most of the time, the court will hold two to four pretrial conferences in an effort to resolve the case. If it cannot, the judge will set for a trial.

Who Are The Mesa Municipal Judges

Names Of Mesa AZ Judges & Courtroom Numbers

Initial appearances are usually in Courtroom 202, but after the first court date, cases will be sent to Courtroom 301, 302, 303, 304, or 305. Below is a list of the Judges you may appear before at the Mesa Municipal Court.

Richard Garcia


Courtroom #101

J. Matias Tafoya

Presiding City Magistrate

Courtroom #202

Judge Elizabeth Arriola

Arraignment Judge

Courtroom #203

Judge Valerye Boyer-Wells

Courtroom #302

Judge Alicia Lawler

Courtroom #303

Judge Lisa Johnson

Courtroom #304

Judge Craig Fujii

Courtroom #305

Judge John Tatz

Custody Courtroom

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If you have any more questions about the Mesa Municipal Court process, don’t hesitate to call Dove Law Office at 1-877-368-3529 for a free consultation. You may also visit our website for more information regarding our Mesa DUI services at For help navigating the Mesa Municipal Court system or if you need a trusted restraining order lawyer in Arizona, contact us today.

DUI Penalties In Mesa Arizona Municipal Court

DUI Penalties In Mesa Courts

In the Mesa court system, the Defendant can face jail time, fines and fees can vary enormously. There are multiple types of DUI that can be charged, and many offers a prosecutor can present. The number of possible outcomes are too vast to name within this article. For more information on the typical consequences and law regarding the different types of DUI in the Mesa DUI courts visit my page titled, Mesa DUI or press the button below.

Why To Hire A Mesa AZ DUI Defense Attorney

Why Hire A Mesa DUI Defense Attorney?

Dove Law Firm’s DUI attorneys will guide you through the difficult and complicated process of the Mesa Courts’ system. Your rights will be protected, and you will receive expert advice regarding your current situation. Having been raised in Mesa, Shawn Dove is comfortable with addressing all courts within Mesa and beyond.

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