Free Consultations

Dove Law Firm offers free consultations for all Personal Injury and Criminal Defense matters.  Attorney Shawn Haven Dove will personally meet with you and evaluate your case.  At Dove Law Firm, there is no obligation to hire us after a consultation.  Unlike other firms, our no pressure policy allows the potential client to decide for themselves whether we are right for their case.

Personal Injury Claims

Upon hiring us, you will be given a copy of the contingency fee agreement.  These types of agreements allow the victim in the vehicle accident to retain an attorney without paying any money down.  Essentially, Dove Law Firm fronts all the costs to resolve your insurance claim and then takes a percentage from the settlement or verdict at the conclusion of the case.  The average percentage that attorney’s charge in personal injury cases is 33.3% if settled before trial and 40% if a trial is necessary.  Our fee is among the lowest in the State of Arizona.  Dove Law Firm charges 25% of the total settlement amount, if the case resolves before trial.  The overwhelming majority of personal injury claims settle before a trial is scheduled.

Criminal Defense (FLAT FEE)

Dove Law Firm charges a flat fee for defending criminal charges.  After the free consultation, a fee agreement will need to be executed in order to retain an attorney from Dove Law Firm.  These types of agreements are usually drafted so that the client pays one fee, for services pre-trial and another fee if a trial is set.  Once the attorney is retained, he or she has earned the fee and will continue to work until the case is resolved.  In most cases, the case resolves without the need of trial.

Dove Law Firm offers flexible payment options in most criminal matter.  Due to the proceedings of a criminal case, we are able to structure a payment plan for our clients.  We know that this is a difficult time in your life and it may be difficult for you to come up with the entire amount at one time.  Call us now to start the process.  Time is of the essence, as payment plans are only available if there is enough time for our attorneys to properly work the case.

Civil Litigation Fee Agreement (HOURLY FEE)

At Dove Law Firm, we charge a $100.00 fee for a consultation regarding a civil lawsuit.  If you decide to retain us, we will give you a copy of our fee agreement to execute.  Dove Law Firm will collect a retainer fee and deposit it into a Trust Account.  The client is charged hourly and the Firm bills against the amount in the Trust Account.  If the case resolves with money remaining in the trust account, those funds are returned to the client.