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Sep 28, 2020

Proven Tools to Protect Yourself Against False Restraining Orders

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 Protect Yourself Against False Restraining Orders Protective orders serve a valuable role. They can help protect people who are in fear for their safety because they have been abused or threatened by their partner, their former partner, or someone else [...]

Aug 17, 2020

Critical Steps To Take If You’re Injured In A Post-Party Accident

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Holiday gatherings are a wonderful time to get together with friends and family and celebrate various events. Whether you’re watching fireworks and cooking out or opening presents and drinking eggnog, practicing basic safety precautions is a great way for everyone [...]

Oct 11, 2019

New AZ 2020 Bill to Increase Personal Injury Payouts

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Arizona passes new Insurance law that will increase minimum liability amounts will take place July 2020.  At the moment, Arizona has some of the lowest Insurance requirements in the United States.  As of now, the minimum insurance amounts that a [...]